Gym Policies

Gym Policies


1. IDENTIFICATION: Members must scan membership card or present photo ID upon entering the club. Members without proper identification may be refused admittance. The club reserves the right to request additional identification periodically to prevent non-members from using the club’s facilities illegally. The club assumes no responsibilities for lost key tags. Member agrees to a $10 deposit on each key tag to be refunded on return of the key tag to the club. A replacement charge of $10 will apply for lost key tags.

2. GUEST PRIVILEGES: Members are invited to bring their friends, relatives, or business associates to the club as a guest of the club. Guests must be at least 18 years of age (children age 16 to 17 may visit if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who is a member of the club). The parent or legal guardian must sign a medical and injury release form before the minor uses any equipment or facilities. The club reserves the right to restrict the number of member guests and times members may bring guests. The same guest may only be a guest once in any 6-month period. All guests must sign a “release of liability waiver” with club management and be given a presentation of the club facilities by the club personnel and must adhere to all rules and regulations of the club. The club reserves the right to charge a $10 guest fee for all guests per occurrence. All guests must have an ID and check in each visit. The guest hours are during managed hours only unless authorized by management.

3. EQUIPMENT USE: Members shall use the club equipment only in the manner intended by the manufacturer and shall not modify the equipment in any manner whatsoever. Member agrees that the club equipment may, from time to time be out of service due to maintenance and repair requirements. When this occurs, the member agrees to follow substitute program options. Members are prohibited from bringing their own equipment to the club for personal use.

4. PROHIBITIONS: NO TOBACCO USE is permitted in the club. NO alcoholic beverages or non-prescription drugs including anabolic steroids are permitted in the club. Absolutely NO workouts may take place under the influence of intoxicating drugs or alcohol. NO weapons of any kind are permitted in the club. NO personal training is permitted except by the club contractors. Any conduct by member or guest that interferes with or adversely affects or poses threat or risk to the proper operation of the club or to equipment or facilities or to any club employee, member, or guest, is strictly prohibited. Members are expected to behave in a manner that respects the diversity of our community and club members. Offensive, combative, and intolerant behavior or language by members will not be tolerated.

5. DRESS CODE AND TOWEL POLICY: All members are required to wear appropriate clothing and footwear including but not limited to closed toed shoes while in the club facility. The following general guidelines shall apply: gym shorts, T-shirts, jogging, aerobic, and sweatsuits are acceptable for exercising but street clothes/shoes and jeans are not permitted while using the exercise areas. Leotards, dance skins, or cutoffs are not acceptable. Offensive wording on clothing is prohibited. The club reserves the right at all times to restrict any member from using the club facilities who is not appropriately attired as determined in the sole discretion of the club management. Exposure of toes, nipples and navels will be deemed inappropriate attire. Members must have a cloth towel with them during workouts to protect and clean the machines during and after use. Please wipe down the equipment after each use. Failure to bring a towel may result in a $1 towel charge.

6. FOOD & DRINK: Only drinks in closed containers will be allowed in the exercise areas of the club.


If a member or guest violates any of the club’s rules or regulations, the club reserves the right to expel the member or guest from the club. A violation may also result in the termination of the member’s club membership.


The club reserves the right to add to these rules and regulations or revoke, amend, or otherwise modify them from time to time as deemed necessary for the proper management of the the club. Member agrees to abide by all such changes. Member also agrees that the club’s failure to enforce any of these rules or regulations at any time for any reason shall not constitute a waiver by the club of it’s right to enforce such rule or regulation in the future.

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